Strategic lines of research

More that 150 professors and researchers belong to the Department ABC. They cover 20 Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSD), whose competences can be grouped into four main areas:

  • science and technology for construction and the built environment
  • building and construction engineering
  • architectural and technological project in its various dimensions
  • history, protection, management and development of the built environment and landscape
Number of DABC professors/researchers per SSD
Interactions among SSD and research areas: Architecture, Built Environment, Construction Engineering

DABC’s research (basic, applied and industrial) is organised in small multi-disciplinary clusters that are formed to define and solve complex multi-scale and multi-factor problems related to design and process, with reference to six strategic lines of research:

  1. Innovative projects for architecture, spaces and services
  2. Technological and digital transformation for the built environment and the construction industry
  3. Advanced materials and components, clean tech and innovative manufacturing and construction technologies for buildings and the built environment
  4. Risk mitigation strategies for the built environment
  5. History, science, technology, management and development of cultural heritage and landscape
  6. Cooperation and technology transfer for emerging countries (with a special focus on Africa)
DABC multidisciplinary approach in strategic research
DABC multi-scale approach in strategic research