Strategic lines of research

About 180 professors and researchers belong to the Department ABC. They cover 20 Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSD), whose competences can be grouped into four main areas:

  • science and technology for construction and the built environment
  • building and construction engineering
  • architectural and technological project in its various dimensions
  • history, protection, management and development of the built environment and landscape
Number of DABC professors/researchers per SSD
Interactions among SSD and research areas: Architecture, Built Environment, Construction Engineering

DABC’s research (basic, applied and industrial) is organised in small multi-disciplinary clusters that are formed to define and solve complex multi-scale and multi-factor problems related to design and process, with reference to five strategic lines of research:

  1. Sustainability: decarbonised, resilient, adaptative and regenerative Built Environment
  2. Twin transition: competitive, digitalised and circular value chain for construction industry and built environment
  3. Well-being: safe, secure, inclusive and healthy Built Environment
  4. Advanced products: Advanced materials and components, clean tech, and innovative manufacturing and construction technologies/processes
  5. Conservation: Science and management of cultural heritage
DABC multidisciplinary approach in strategic research
DABC multi-scale approach in strategic research