Parity and diversity

The ABC Department strives to promote Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Multiculturalism at all levels and in all activities.


DABC promotes mutual respect in research and design activities, regardless of the participants’ origin, education, religion, physical abilities, gender or sexual orientation.
It teaches people to develop spaces, technologies and materials that can be used by everyone and are diversity inclusive, with a particular focus on physical, environmental and social vulnerability.

DABC community

The diagrams of the community of the ABC department display an excellent gender balance, which is even clearer in the recruitment of young research fellows and PhD students.


  • Design inclusive spaces, attentive to equal opportunities
  • Promote Design for All
  • Promote the multicultural life of the department and an open debate on the design as an opportunity for cultural and social growth
  • Underscore the value of gender equality and diversity in the department units and in group work