Specializing masters

As well as three-year degree courses, Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) courses and PhD programmes, the Politecnico di Milano also offers other initiatives: these include programmes running after completion of the three-year degree or Laurea Magistrale, which are called Specializing Masters.

At the end of these programmes, the titles of First Level Specializing Master and Second Level Specializing Master are awarded respectively.

The teaching activities of the Specializing Masters of the Politecnico di Milano are measured in Educational Credits (ECTS). Both first and second level programmes require the acquisition of at least 60 (sixty) credits, corresponding to approximately 1,500 hours of study.

For its Specializing Masters, the Politecnico has adopted the Regulations issued by Rectoral Decree no. 2235 of 5 August 2013, which govern the training path up to completion of the programmes and, in any case, up to attainment of the applicable qualification by those enrolled.

The duration is one year, maximum two years.

Specializing Masters are for:

  1. Recent graduates or Master’s degree graduates in polytechnic disciplines who have qualified at the Politecnico o at another university, aiming to acquire specific professional skills;
  2. Recent graduates or Master’s degree graduates in other disciplines, for which the polytechnic disciplines can significantly supplement their previous professional studies;
  3. Recent graduates or Master’s degree graduates with work experience, with a view to enriching their professional skills, and consolidating and rationalising the experiences gained in the job market.

A first-level or second-level Specializing Master may also be awarded to those in possession of a university diploma and a Laurea (Old Educational System) or a recognised foreign qualification.

List of active/soon to be active Specializing Masters in the ABC Department

2nd level Specializing Master
Edition 7
November 2021 / November 2022
Coordinating Professor: prof. Stefano Della Torre