The System

The ABCLab Laboratory System is a strategic unit that groups together and coordinates the laboratories of the department, making available tools, technologies and highly qualified skills to support teaching, basic and applied research, experimentation and industrial research in the construction sector.

The goal of the ABCLab Laboratory System is to provide scientific, technical and operational support to research and teaching related to the disciplinary fields of the Department.


  • To expand its presence in the area through collaboration with research bodies and with local, national and international administrations and the world of industry;
  • To develop interdisciplinary activities and research in line with the Department’s Scientific Project;
  • To support and disseminate the results of the Department’s studies and research.

The structure of ABCLab

The ABCLab Laboratory System groups the disciplinary competences of the Department in a coordinated system. Within the University offering, ABCLab is an instrumental and research laboratory.

The ABCLab Laboratory System is divided into Interdepartmental Laboratories and Experimental Units, each with their own scientific and technical autonomy. The ABCLab units are divided into HARD and SOFT Experimental Units.