Self-funded projects

DABC funds challenging and transdisciplinary research projects with a view to promoting collaboration between the Scientific Disciplinary Fields that refer to DABC and to boosting the impact and visibility of research and of the Third Mission of the Department, in line with the actions defined in the Strategic Plan.

The choice of the activities worthy of financial support is made by considering their coherence with the Department’s strategic research lines, as well as their transdisciplinary content, innovative character and ability to favour disciplinary consolidation at the international level.

The types of funded projects, which have seen the involvement of professors and researchers from 13 Scientific Disciplinary Fields, include the organisation of scientific dissemination initiatives (seminars, workshops, study days, international conventions), the design and staging of exhibitions, and the provision of support for research activities through the use of tools. When assessing the projects, particular attention is paid to the proposals forwarded by young researchers (research fellows or PhD students).