ABC PhD Programme

The PhD programme in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering (ABC-PhD) offers students a three-year advanced multi-disciplinary research-related training path in the fields of architecture and construction engineering aimed at training high profile professional figures in national and international academic institutions, companies, professional firms, public administrations and research institutions.

The main phases of the ABC PhD course envisage a period of testing and revision every six months (Milestones), with specific content ranging from bibliographic research to drawing up the draft and final dissertation. The Milestones are supported by preparatory seminars that offer the PhD student the possibility of embarking upon a pathway to “learn to do research”.

Alongside the Milestones, the educational offer of the ABC PhD provides solid methodological training with a transdisciplinary approach fuelled by the many skills present within the department and the University, with a view to developing “soft/transversal skills” that constitute the founding elements of any career, in both academic and professional areas.