ABC PhD Programme

The PhD programme in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering (ABC-PhD) offers students a three-year advanced multi-disciplinary research-related training path in the fields of architecture and construction engineering. It is aimed at training high profile professional figures in national and international academic institutions, companies, professional firms, public administrations and research institutions.

The main phases of the ABC PhD course envisage a period of testing and revision every six months (Milestones), with specific content ranging from bibliographic research to drawing up the draft and final dissertation. The Milestones are supported by preparatory seminars that offer the PhD student the possibility of embarking upon a pathway to “learn to do research”.

Alongside the Milestones, the educational offer of the ABC PhD provides solid methodological training with a transdisciplinary approach fuelled by the many skills present within the department and the University, with a view aimed to developing “soft/transversal skills” that constitute the founding elements of any career, in both academic and professional areas.

Marco SCAIONI (Head of ABC-PhD)
Surveying and Mapping – ICAR/06

Andrea Antonio CARAGLIU (Deputy Head and Delegate for ABC-PhD Training Programme)
Applied Economics – SECS-P/06

Oscar Eugenio BELLINI
Architecture Technology – ICAR/12

Francesca Claudia Maria BELLONI
Architectural and Urban Design – ICAR/14

History of Architecture – ICAR/18

Francesca BONFANTE
Architectural and Urban Design – ICAR/14

Architectural and Urban Design – ICAR/14

Maddalena BUFFOLI
Hygiene and Public Health – MED/42

Building Physics and Building Energy Systems – ING-IND/11

Structural Mechanics – ICAR/08

Structural Engineering – ICAR/09

Pierluigi COLOMBI
Structural Mechanics – ICAR/08

Tommaso D’ANTINO
Structural Engineering – ICAR/09

Architecture Technology – ICAR/12

Claudio DEL PERO
Building Physics and Building Energy Systems – ING-IND/11

Conservation and Restoration of Architecture – ICAR/19

Maria Pompeiana IAROSSI
Representation of Architecture – ICAR/17

Architecture Technology – ICAR/12

Laura Elisabetta MALIGHETTI
Architectural Engineering – ICAR/10

Architectural and Urban Design – ICAR/14

Architecture Technology – ICAR/12

Architectural and Urban Design – ICAR/14

Building Production – ICAR/11

Corinna ROSSI
Egyptology and Coptic Civilization – L-OR/02

Matteo RUTA
Building Production – ICAR/11

Architectural Engineering – ICAR/10

Leopoldo SDINO
Real Estate Appraisal – ICAR/22

Architecture Technology – ICAR/12

Marco Vincenzo VALENTE
Structural Engineering – ICAR/09

The Advisory Board is consulted – as matter of principle – at the end of every year, for a qualitative assessment of the PhD Programme, for an independent assessment of the results of the Candidates of each cycle, and to receive suggestions for the improvement of its relationship with the society. The following highly referenced experts are the members of the ABC-PhD Advisory Board.

Teresa BAGNOLI is gradauted in Scienze Politiche Internazionali, specialized in Industrial Policy and local deverlopment @LSE and Project Management (1995). She is managing director of the area Building and Constructions Strategic Development of ASTER and Coordinator of the Emilia-Romagna ‘s Construction Platform of High Technology Network, with a long experience of project manager of R&D projects in different areas.

Alessandra FAGGIAN is Professor of Applied Economics, Director of Social Sciences and Vice Provost for Research at the international PhD school Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy. Moss Madden Memorial Medal (2007) and Geoffrey Hewings Award (2015) she is also President of the North American Regional Science Council (NARSC) and co-editor of the journal Papers in Regional Science with Roberta Capello. In a recent ranking of the top 100 regional scientists in the world (Rickman and Winters, 2016), she was ranked 19th.

Paola GUZZETTI, Regione Lombardia, Manager of Struttura Musei, Archivi, Biblioteche e Servizi digitali per la cultura

Catherine MAUMI, Architect, Doctor (EHESS), HDR (Paris 8) is full Professor (tenure) of Histoire et Cultures architecturales at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-La Villette.
She is the scientific director of the “Laboratoire de recherche Les Métiers de l’Histoire de l’Architecture, édifices-villes-territoires” (MHAevt) and Doctoral supervisoror of the Doctoral School 454: Sciences de l’Homme, du Politique, du territoire, University Grenoble Alpes.

Mary MCNAMARA, fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an active researcher in the development of novel drug delivery systems, is Head of the Graduate Research School at Dublin Institute of Technology (the largest provider of higher education in Ireland) and former member (2012-2018) of the steering committee of the Council of Doctoral Education of the European Universities Association (EUA CDE). She is also member of the Irish National Forum on Research Integrity and of the National Advisory Forum for Ireland’s National Framework for Doctoral Education.

Agnes WEILANDT (MSc in structural engineering @RWTH Aachen and PhD at the Technical University Stuttgart) is project manager at Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure since March 2006, involved in many national and international projects, and Professor for structural analysis and construction engineering at the University of Applied Science in Frankfurt, since 2010. Before and also during her time at the Technical University Stuttgart, Agnes Weilandt worked with Werner Sobek Ingenieure in Stuttgart.

Luca VITTUARI, Università di Bologna, Full Professor, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali