Mission and vision


The mission of the ABC Department is to respond responsibly, scientifically and creatively to the challenges affecting the entire construction, architecture and built environment sector.

DABC provides operators with advanced knowledge and technical skills, developed in an international context, so as to understand all the problems and solve them, transforming them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

The main challenges DABC will face in the coming years will concern:

  • decarbonisation and climate neutrality of buildings and the built environment;
  • regeneration of the built environment for the safety, well-being and quality of life of people;
  • ecological, energy, digital and technological transition in architecture and in the construction sector;
  • innovation in the processes of protection and development of Cultural Heritage;
  • technology transfer to developing countries.

Strategic vision

The development policies outlined in the Strategic Plan of the ABC Department take into account the need for adaptation of the complex system of buildings and the built environment to economic, social, demographic and climate changes, in order to generate new ways and uses of space, new technologies, new products and new processes.

DABC pursues the Sustainable Development Goals by generating innovative ideas (disruptive approach), imagining new solutions for a more sustainable, healthy, safe, inclusive and connected built environment, but also new methods and tools to design, construct, manage and transform buildings in their life cycle.

By offering high-level training, DABC meets the need for new, highly specialised professionals to manage the ecological and digital transition, and pursues a model of advanced research and experimentation based on multidisciplinarity.