The programme

In the first part of the programme, the PhD student analyses the state of the art of the sector of interest (Milestone One), structures a research project (Milestone Two), discusses and presents open research questions to the scientific community (Milestone Three). Subsequently, the PhD student sets out and plans the final dissertation (Milestone Four), which will then be developed during the last two Milestones (Five and Six).

At this point, the PhD student can request admission to the Final Exam. The dissertation will be reviewed by two external experts who will confirm whether it is ready to be discussed, leading to the student gaining the title of PhD holder.

Starting from the 36th Cycle (beginning in Academic Year 2020-2021), a series of preparatory seminars will be added to the Milestones, integrating the teaching of the PhD level courses.

The training of each PhD student is guided by a Supervisor and a Tutor and takes place through a series of Milestones (two per year) whose purpose is to enable professors and researchers, both within the department and externally, to review the work carried out.

The calendar of Milestones is published on WeBeep.

The Training Plan of the ABC PhD course can be found at the following link. It is updated from year to year and provides detailed information on how to perform all the activities.