Skill and values

The Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering (DABC) generates (research) and transfers (training) knowledge and value in the architecture and construction sector.


The transdisciplinary approach is the added value of ABC in addressing the challenges of sustainability, efficiency, and resilience of the built environment, within the context of a cohesive and innovative polytechnic culture. The present skills can be categorized into four main areas:

  • sciences and technologies for construction and the built environment;
  • civil and construction engineering;
  • the project in its different dimensions (architectural, technological, performance and construction) and different scales (materials, building and plant components, buildings and built environment) in new constructions, rehabilitation, recovery and conservation;
  • history, protection, management, and enhancement of the built environment and landscape.


DABC shares with the Athenaeum the fundamental values of honesty and integrity, respect, professionalism, and transparency, and stands as a place of experimentation at the service of Society.

The value DABC imparts in research and education is reflected in the capacities for:

  • observing ongoing changes, anticipating challenges, and proposing solutions through a curiosity-driven approach, envisioning scenarios of innovation and transformation (technological foresight);
  • valuing interdisciplinarity to creatively tackle and resolve complex problems, thereby advancing knowledge with cutting-edge research projects;
  • generating synergies with the public administration, the third sector, and the business world in design, production, construction, and management of the built environment.