How to book an ABC space

Users wishing to access ABC Department spaces (meeting rooms, study rooms, co-working offices and laboratories) will have to book their seat using either the App Affluences (available for free download from App Store for IOS devices or PlayStore for Android devices) or by using the Affluences versione web available on any web browser.

Book with Affluences

In a few steps it is possible to autonomously book a seat or a room without needing any registration:

  1. Search on the App: “Dipartimento ABC”;
  2. Click on “Book” and choose among the available categories;
  3. Select your chosen date first and then chose the room, time and the number of hours for which you will need to occupy the space. Seats must be booked at least two hours in advance (and cannot be booked more than 14 days before the chosen date);
  4. To complete your booking please indicate your institutional email address (), read and accept the terms and conditions;
  5. On your first booking, you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the email you received;
  6. You will then receive an email to confirm your booking. You must confirm your booking within two hours or the booking will automatically be canceled.
  7. Upon your arrival at the booked space, you need to validate your presence by scanning the QR Code available in the room (from “My bookings” click on the QR Code icon), or by inserting manually the alphanumeric code available under the QR Code;

How to cancel your booking

If you need to eliminate your booking, please remember to do it as soon as possible by clicking on the “Cancel my booking” button available on the first email you received.
If you do not cancel your booking twice, you will not be able to book again for 20 days.


If you need support when using the app please contact the Department Logistics Office as the following contacts: 02 2399.5104 (phone) (email).