3DSurvey Group

The Lab operates in the field of Geomatics: topography, photogrammetry and laser scanning. Research activities are focused on surveying and measurement in the field of architecture/archaeology and are particularly aimed at cultural heritage. The laboratory specialises in three-dimensional surveying in the archaeological field to support excavation operations, architectural surveying of complex architecture and environmental surveying with drone techniques. Other research topics are reality-based three-dimensional modelling on a large (1-20, 1:50) or very large scale (1:1), the creation of dedicated information systems to support building maintenance and conservation operations, BIM and HBIM, 3D GIS and cartography; structural monitoring (precision topography).

Services offered

  • Surveying complex architecture and archaeological sites and excavations using laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques;
  • Photogrammetric surveying with UAV instrumentation;
  • Close-range photogrammetric surveying and 3D scanning on a very large scale (1:1) of paintings, statues, decorations and small objects;
  • Topographical monitoring and control;
  • Management of 3D data in BIM/GIS information systems developed ad hoc in a web environment;
  • Training courses.


The Lab features a wide range of tools for terrestrial topographic surveying (total stations, level, and various laser scanners), UAV systems and professional photographic instrumentation.