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YADES 3rd Summer School

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Sharing heritage perspective across different domains

29 Maggio @ 9:30 am 30 Maggio @ 6:00 pm

Terza edizione della Summer School legata al progetto Europeo Horizon 2020 – Marie Curie action YADES. L’evento è aperto a docenti, ricercatori, PhD candidates e studenti della magistrale. 

What is heritage? It has come to be said in the far reaches of a long debate that “everything is heritage” and indeed observing the evolution of this concept over the last century it seems that even the ambition of international bodies such as UNESCO is to widen the concept of heritage. But beyond definitions, in actual practice heritage is the meeting ground of many humanistic and scientific disciplines that are dealing with the material and immaterial aspects of this complex concept. From the conservation and restoration of historic buildings to their reuse with new functions, from the discourse of identity to the debate on inclusion, from the protection of historic centres to the need of adapting them to climate change and new social demands.

The YADES project has approached the topic of heritage from the technical- scientific perspective of assessing and mitigating climate-related risks. This third conference and summer school is the continuation of the two previous ones focusing on risk assessment methods (YADES1stSS-Athens2021-Identification of methods for CH risks assessment) and on the inclusion of the landscape perspective in the heritage discourse (YADES2ndSS-Milano2022-The Culture of Heritage), we decided to create an opportunity to meet across different perspectives and professionalities working in the same field.