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Novel steel structural systems for multi‐hazard mitigation and enhanced resilience

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4 Aprile @ 10:30 am

George Vasdravellis

In the first part of this seminar, the development and validation of a seismic‐resistant concentrically braced steel frame is presented. The braces are connected in series with energy‐dissipating pins made of duplex stainless steel, providing the structure with enhanced seismic resilience by minimising the downtime for the repair process in the aftermath of a strong seismic event.

The second part of the presentation deals with a novel structural system for progressive collapse mitigation in steel buildings under a column loss scenario. A set of structural details is proposed, which significantly enhance the tie force capacity and rotational ductility of industry‐standard joints.

George Vasdravellis is Associate Professor at Heriot‐Watt University (UK)