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Listening the architecture. The continuty of construction

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The elements of the constructive phenomenon
A trilogy between architecture, landscape, construction

9 Dicembre 2021 @ 10:30 am 1:00 pm

Built architecture represents the physical manifesto of a theory, the constructive barometer of an era, the natural materialization of any design activity. The LECTURES trilogy intends to pay attention to the constructive act as a unique and irreplaceable action of defining architecture, elevating it to a discipline that better than others combines the reasons of form with the exact sciences, the technical approach with the humanistic sphere, the space with the people who live it.

Lecture 3/3

Emilio Faroldi

Thematic studio

Emilio Faroldi, Stefano Capolongo, Francesca Belloni

Davide Allegri, Andrea Brambilla, Francesco Bruno, Andrea Rebecchi, Tianzhi Sun, Alessandro Timpano

School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering
Course of Architecture and Urban Design