La Grangia di San Gregorio

The Grangia of San Gregorio

Paola BRANDUINI (docente coordinatore)

At the Grangia di San Gregorio, which has remained almost unchanged for centuries, the project will revitalise the land to make it fertile again and generate employment. The project envisages carrying out a series of interventions on the land and its products, generating employment opportunities for disadvantaged people. In particular, the interventions will aim to: redevelop the S. Gregorio fund by reactivating 7 hectares of “marcita”, currently managed as a permanent meadow, with an educational, productive and research function, favouring the growth of biodiversity and generating at the same time an improvement in the quality of the Lambro river water; create a chain of milk from “marcita”; process all 38 hectares, which will be certified organic; activate a training course addressed to people involved in job placement; activate educational pathways addressed to schools in the area; promote participatory events addressed to citizens.

DABC role

Restoration of the “marcite” in Parco Lambro; survey, historical research and restoration of hydraulic structures; planned conservation; organisation of a training course for field operators, citizens, farmers and technicians; involvement of citizens in the implementation of interventions and demonstration events; communication of the project.


Cascina Biblioteca (coordinator), Parco del Ticino, Fondazione Minoprio