Atom Ant3D

Sistema multi camere di acquisizione e ricostruzione tridimensionale

Francesco FASSI (docente coordinatore), Elalailyi AHMAD, Kai ZHANG

ANT-3D is a digitisation tool for three-dimensional reconstruction and photographic inspection of confined environments, both artificial and natural, designed to address the problem of accuracy, repeatability and automaticity of surveying in complex spaces.
Starting from a working prototype TRL7 level already tested several times with interesting results in terms of precision and accuracy, in the architectural, mining, infrastructural and hydraulic fields, the project envisages the development related to the resolution of three indispensable aspects to increase the market attractiveness in terms of performance and mode of use and make the use of the instrument more sustainable in cases of continuous and repetitive monitoring: 1) survey autonomy and speed; 2) speeding up data processing; 3) expanding the possible outputs of the tool by automating some processes related to image classification and ‘object recognition’.

DABC role

• Definition of the overall project requirements, structured in terms of users, hardware, software and system functionality
• Identification of key case studies on which to focus development testing
• Development of on-board system software and in particular that of a V- Slam Multi-stereo system
• Automatic classification of objects or morphological features on the scene and their positioning in the reconstructed 3D digital space