Renewable and Environmental-Sustainable Kit for building INtegration

Niccolò ASTE (docente coordinatore), Claudio DEL PERO, Fabrizio LEONFORTE, Michela BUZZETTI, Rajendra Singh ADHIKARI, Paola CAPUTO, Cinzia TALAMO, Ingrid PAOLETTI

The RE-SKIN project aims at developing an integrated and multifunctional system for energy retrofit of existing buildings, organised in two main subsystems, roof and façade, combined with the building’s HVAC system.
The roof is equipped with a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal system, which produces electricity, heat, thermal and acoustic insulation of the slab beneath. Heat is used by a heat pump for heating and DHW production. Solar modules replace traditional materials. The façade is a thermal cladding with self-supporting panels and bio-based insulation, optimised for quick assembly, with the installations of earthquake sensors.
The whole system is designed according to a circular economy logic, using mostly recycled or bio-based materials, in order to maximise energy performance while reducing environmental impacts.
The system can be applied all over Europe, as it provides renewable energy and participates actively and passively in the energy performance of the building.


Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Ecole national des travaux publics de l’Etat, ENEL X Srl, Turbo Power System Ltd, Heliotherm Warmepupmentechnik GmbH, ZH Srl, Revolve water, Construcciones Garcia Rama SL, Comitee Europeen de Cordination de l’Habitat Social AISBL (Housing Europe), CTIC Technology Center, Rinovasol GmbH, INDRESMAT SL, Usefulrisk, Solartechno Europe BV, Danish Technological Institute, Comune di Milano, Municipality of Burgas, Viviendas de Principato de Asturias – VIPASA, STILLE EKO doo, VILOGIA SA