Regional Specialization, Industrial Leadership and Autonomy

Ugo FRATESI (docente coordinatore), Andrea CARAGLIU

The digital development of Italian businesses is significantly below the European average. This is particurlary evident in the private sector and among small and medium sized firms, as shown bythe fact that Regional industrial policy aimed at modifying the industry structure at local level.
ReSILeA aims to develop effective methodologies to guide the selection of investment priorities and to address the new challenges of regional innovation policy, such as the sovereignty in digital technologies, the agile responses to urgent needs and the industrial uptake of new technologies.
The project will be carried out in three main steps: i) development of a theoretical framework to analyse the links between technology development and technology adoption in ICT; ii) mapping of ICT development and adoption in Italy; iii) suggestion of guidelines to regional authorities.
The project aims at identifying areas of potential ecosystems, due to the co-presence of relevant and complementary competences, and measuring their impact on productivity and competitiveness.


Università Politecnica delle Marche (coordinatore)