Reconstruction of Gahyer Campus of the Somali National University

Niccolò ASTE (docente coordinatore), Niccolò ASTE, Claudio DEL PERO, Fabrizio LEONFORTE, Rajendra Singh ADHIKARI, Gianandrea CIARAMELLA, Antonio CAPSONI, Oscar BELLINI, Stefano DELLA TORRE, Tomaso MONESTIROLI, Massimo TADI, Gabriele MASERA, Matteo RUTA, Paola CAPUTO, Andrea CAMPIOLI, Stefano CAPOLONGO, Rossella SILVESTRI. The project also involved researchers from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA), Department of Energy (DENG), Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering (DCMC), Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (DIG).

The aim of the project is to regenerate the Gahayr University Campus, donated by Italy and designed by architects Quaroni and Dierna, in order to offer qualified training opportunities suited to the modern educational and academic needs of Somalia and the African continent. In addition to contributing to the country’s institutional, economic and cultural regeneration, the project intends to strengthen the role of university education in the processes of overcoming tribal differentiations and promoting the use of the Somali language.
The project envisages: planning of the Gahayr Campus by assisting in the drafting of the relevant master plan; elaboration of an energy-environmental concept; support for the design of the renovation of the Faculty Buildings and the reconstruction of the rectory; technical assistance and supervision of the renovation phase of the Faculty Buildings; institutional and technical strengthening of the University through the training of teaching and technical staff, students and/or recent graduates.

DABC role

DABC participates in all activities foreseen in the project, as well as playing the role of coordinator and managing dissemination activities.


Somali National University