LASer cutting Technology for Tubular Structures

Alper KANYilMAZ (docente coordinatore), Carlo Andrea CASTIGLIONI, Alessandro MENGHINI

The previous LASTEICON project showed that joint configurations fabricated using laser cutting technology (LCT) were superior in terms of resistance and stiffness from the tubular joint options obtained by conventional manufacturing techniques. Some topics, however, needed further studies such as experimental performance of the joints related to the low cycle fatigue, experimental fire performance, more challenging architectural geometries, rectangular hollow sections, vertical splicing of columns, capacity under compression, frame corner nodes, local behaviour around the welded joints, further automatization and robotization as well as minimization of welding in the joints.
In the LASTTS project, tubular structures will be designed using LCT joints with different configurations, their key components will be tested, and parametric analyses will be performed at local and global levels. With this large database of research, design guidelines and worked examples will be produced and disseminated for a major market penetration of innovative steel tubular applications into the EU construction sector.

DABC role

• Project coordination and monitoring.
• Development and calibration of numerical models for the multi-storey building case studies constructed with laser-cut tubular joints.
• Preparation of design guidelines and worked examples for laser-cut tubular joints.
• Economic and environmental impact analysis of the structures with laser-cut tubular joints.


Università di Pisa, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Universiteit Hasselt, Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction Metallique, Grid International Consulting Engineers Sa, Bureau d'Etudes Greisch Societe Interprofessionnelle d'Ingenieurs et d'Architectes Sa*Beg, Gregull und Spang Ingenieurgesellschaft für Stahlbau mbH, Adige-Sys Spa, Movisid Spa, Briand Cm, Vallourec Deutschland Gmbh, Arcelormittal Tubular Products Lexy