Big Data - Health

Enhancing healthcare and well-being through the potential of big data: an integration of survey, administrative, and open data to assess health risk in the City of Milan with data science.

Stefano CAPOLONGO (docente coordinatore), Andrea REBECCHI, Marco GOLA

The project foresees the creation of an innovative information system with a high territorial detail that allows to trace the distribution of the population’s health needs within the Municipality of Milan using sample, socio-health and geographical data.
At present there is no source of information on health determinants in the Milanese territory, with the consequent impossibility of knowing the specific health needs of each district of the city of Milan. The project proposes to fill this gap by integrating administrative health data with a collection of sample data on health risk factors and with geographical data on the urban morphology of the Milanese territory, thus creating a new integrated information system as a basis for planning health promotion and protection interventions based on the specific features of the population of each local context.


ATS Milano (coordinator), Università degli Studi di Milano - Statale, Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca