EduLANDS for transitions: Exploring collaborative education to connec the school and the landscape

Paola BRANDUINI (docente coordinatore)

The project is aimed at training teachers on the use of game-based learning, learning-by-doing and co-constructed learnings tools thoughts to be collaborative and adaptive in different school levels and country programs. The project supports, across all sectors, awareness-raising about environmental and climate-change challenges. The project will develop, train, pilot, implement and spread innovative education strategy that will be transversal, multidisciplinary, co-built and creative. It is based in educational tools that by using game-learning, learning-by-doing, audio-visual media and open-classes: (i) increase key competences and capacities in fields of ecotransition, sustainability, circular economy, community knowledge, heritage conservation, proximity landscape revaluation, and (ii) contribute to include new paradigm changes into educational frames, connecting the school with the surrounding social, emotional and natural landscapes.

DABC role

DABC is involved in the co-design of a didactical unit, aimed at training teachers, educators and students in developing their own site specific projects out of the common guidelines developed within the project. DABC is also involved in the final dissemination event, with focus on the enhancement of the landscape as a historical heritage and the role of urban agriculture.


University of Murcia (coordinator), Asociación educación para el desarrollo sostenible, Highschool Poeta Julián Andúgar, Universität Angewandte Kunst Wien DAE, Primary school and Junior high school Istituto Comprensivo Luigi Galvani, Coperativa de enseñanza La Flota Futuro, Oikodrom-Forum Nachhaltige Stadt, Verein fur Neue Stadtebaukultur, MS Koppstraße 110 Schule 2