Cultural Heritage After Covid. Interoperable Pompeii. A digital platform between restoration, environmental design and new opportunities for use

Stefano DELLA TORRE (docente coordinatore)

The strategies related to the Italian territory in the post-Covid scenarios (de-congest, de-localise, de-centralise, de-seasonalise, diversify) require new management tools capable of implementing a control that considers both the level of risk of the national territory and the vulnerability of the heritage, often increased by inadequate maintenance.
CHEAC aims to rethink the use of a demonstrator archaeological site (Archaeological Park of Pompeii) by combining the demands of a safe perception of the archaeological heritage with those of a direct, rationalised, and augmented experience thanks to the use of new interoperable technologies. To this end, the project proposes the development of a web-based “enabling digital platform” for the knowledge, restoration, environmental rehabilitation, use, management, and safety of the archaeological site, defining a digital ecosystem of cultural heritage that reconnects all the actors involved in the process, enabling the exchange of information, including with the public, through digital information modelling technologies.


Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (coordinator), CNR