Siro Casolo

ICAR/08 - Structural mechanics

Born in Udine in 1965, living in Milano.
– Full Professor for the SSD ICAR08 – Structural Mechanics from 8/11/2018;
– Associate Professor for the SSD ICAR08 – Structural Mechanics at Politecnico di Milano from 01/05/2005;
– Member of the academic board of the Doctoral Program on Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (PhD.ABC) of Politecnico di Milano.

Main research interests:
The research interests are mainly belonging to two camps:
[A] Computational Mechanics of Solids and [B] Dynamic and Seismic Response of Structures.
In the first field we can ascribe the theoretical formulation and the numerical implementation of specific mechanical models for the analysis of complex materials, also micro-structured, with non-linear response and damage, subjected to cyclical stress. The approach pursued favors the description to the macro-scale of the material, as well as the overall stiffness and strength degradation, in addition to the energy dissipation due to the repeated load cycles. The proposed models are implemented in a series of original computer codes written in Fortran language, that are suitably optimized as regards performance in terms of processing speed of the dynamics analysis. In the second field falls the structural modeling oriented to the analysis of the dynamic response of structures subjected to seismic action, with particular attention to the case of the more vulnerable masonry buildings, both as regards the materials for which the geometry, as is often the case of historic buildings and monuments. In the field of seismic structures we have taken place in recent surveys and vulnerability assessments at the urban scale to the historic center of the city of Foggia in addition to three municipalities of this Province, as part of collaborations with the respective municipal and provincial administrations.