Francesca Bonfante

ICAR/14 - Architectural and urban design

Born in Milan in 1957, she graduated in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic in 1984. In 1991 she completed her Ph.D. in Architectural Composition at IUAV (the Venice University Institute of Architecture). Since 1998 she has been associate professor and since 2018 march full professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at Milan Polytechnic, where she teaches and carries out research work.

Is member of the Council of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC) and, since 2012, Coordinator for the Course of Study in Architectural Design.

She has been involved in a number of research projects, focussing on the relationship between architectural design, city and landscape. Her principal fields of research are: Architecture for exchanging and industrial cities; Architecture and figuration of the public building; Architecture, sport, leisure and city.

She is the author and editor of several publications, including: Teatralità e figurazione per la città. Scritti sul progetto e l’insegnamento dell’architettura, Il Poligrafo 2015; F. Acuto, F. Bonfante (edited by), Sport, città e tempo libero. Un’ipotesi di lavoro, Maggioli 2011; F. Bonfante, S. Greco (edited by), Teatralità e paesaggio nella Città del Lavoro, Maggioli 2008.