Andrea Tartaglia

ICAR/12 - Architectural technology

Associate professor of Technology of Architecture (ICAR 12) at the Department ABC of Politecnico di Milano, vice-coordinator of the Master of Science program in “Architecture”.

He received a Ph.D. in “Technical Innovation and Project in Architecture” from Politecnico di Milano, and a Master of Arts in “Health buildings: planning management and design” from South Bank University in London (1998).

Inside the area of interest of Technological Design of Architecture, the research activity is oriented to investigate the evolution of the scientific approaches for the management of interventions characterized by high technical and procedural complexity. This is to contribute to the enhancement and upgrading of design methods and tools in relation to the changed economics, institutional and management scenarios. The technological innovation processes, changing the logical sequence of the traditional design models, lead to a radical modification in the analysis and planning of interventions. With regard to this, “Architecture for Health” is one of the most significant paradigm and, during the research and didactic activities, it has been subject of particular attention and in-depth analyses. Similarly at the scale of building and infrastructural systems, new procedural models and innovative tools of governance have been researched and experimented with particular attention to the transformation and enhancement processes of contexts with high environmental and landscape values.

The entirety of these experiences and knowledge, developed through scientific research and design applications, has been transferred into the didactic activity for BA, Master and PhD programs. In particular, numerous studio experiences, mainly as coordinator, has been useful to promote enhanced methodologies in didactic, to transfer knowledge and to improve project abilities with regard to the interdisciplinary and integrated design approach.