Alper Kanyilmaz

Untenured researcher legge 240/10
ICAR/09 - Structural engineering

He obtained his PhD degree (cum laude) from the department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. He is experienced in large scale testing and numerical analysis in the following multi-disciplinary topics:

• Additive Manufacturing and Topology optimization.

• Advanced manufacturing of steel tubular joints by means of Laser Cutting Technology.

• Seismic performance of racking systems and automated warehouses made of cold formed steel profiles.

• Fatigue performance of the structural connection details made of cold formed steel profiles.

• Static, dynamic and fatigue assessment of steel and composite steel-concrete structures.

• Replaceable dissipative devices and seismic isolation techniques to enhance the seismic behaviour and sustainability performance of steel structures (buildings and industrial systems such as silos and tasks).

He is involved in several international research projects with the roles of coordinator, technical lead and team member, in close cooperation with numerous research institutes and industrial companies. He is coordinating the experimental activities in the field of industrial racking systems in the Laboratorio Prove Materiali (LPM) of Politecnico di Milano. He published numerous articles in the international journals and conferences.