The team develops studies and research dealing with the design and management of built environment, aiming to achieve a unitary vision of all the phases of the building process and a perspective of the life cycle in its multiple forms, applying and experimenting with criteria, methods and tools at different scales.
The Lab mainly focuses on the study and application of techniques articulated in their broadest spectrum and dealing with planning and programming, production, assembly, management (mainly aimed at use and maintenance) and disposal and management of materials end of life cycle (reuse and recycling).
It expresses its competences in an integrated way in the context of processes – thought as transformative dynamics where materials, energy, knowledge, decisions and operations converge – and of products – thought as the input and output objects of the above processes.

Services offered

Research, consultancy and technical support regarding:

  • Sustainability assessment methods (Life Cycle Assessment, Green Building Rating Systems);
  • Product and building environmental certification tools (Environmental Product Declaration, Environmental labels);
  • Environmental policies (Sustainable Production and Consumption, Green Economy, Circular Economy, Green Public Procurement);
  • Strumenti di gestione dati (BIM, IoT, GIS, ecc.);
  • Strumenti e metodi per la gestione dei beni immobili in un’ottica di ciclo di vita (manuali e piani di manutenzione);
  • Training courses on the areas handled by the unit.