The Lab collects and processes data at the service of the construction sector, through the use of digital platforms for transversal and interoperable collaboration between operators in the construction process; collection and processing work spans from meta-design and planning decision-making phases, to executive phases of production, construction, operation, use and maintenance, and through decommissioning or possible reuse.
It capitalises the experience of completed prototypes such as INNOVance, the Italian platform for construction industry, that won the Industria2015 call; INNOVance is a structured container of data (raw, aggregated, processed, etc.) supporting each stage of the building process.
Moreover, it implements R&D projects for the production of tools such as BIMReL (the platform for the digitisation of construction products) and 3DBIM (the BIM platform for emergency response) – two SmartLiving Lombardia projects – as well as the European research projects BIM4EEB (BIM-based fast toolkit for Efficient rEnovation in Buildings) and DigiPLACE.

Services offered

Development and implementation of:

  • BIM Guidelines for contracting authorities and property managers;
  • Tender Documents, Information Specifications (EIR) and Information Management Plans (BEP);
  • Digitisation of component products;
  • Digitisation of production;
  • Digitisation of built environment;
  • Information quality manual for organisations (clients, companies, designers, operators and component manufacturers);
  • OIR (organisation information requirements);
  • AIR (real estate information requirements);
  • PIR (information requirements of projects/interventions).