The Lab operates within a multidisciplinary vision of design and construction, carrying out research into the development of innovative technologies, computational design systems and advanced manufacturing for architecture.
Its activities are primarily focused on innovative processes in relation to settlement issues in general, the sustainability of transformation processes, building and urban redevelopment issues, leftover technologies and materials. In view of the increasing complexity of the process of realisation of architectural works, applied research takes place in the interaction of the following areas of study:

  • Architectural, urban and territorial sustainability;
  • Technologies for the natural built environment;
  • Process and product innovation.

Services offered

  • Development of innovative technologies;
  • New leftover materials for architecture;
  • Computational design systems;
  • Advanced manufacturing for architecture;
  • Small and large scale prototyping.


The Lab is equipped with numerical control machinery and tools to create prototypes at all scales, including large format 3D printers, pantograph with milling cutter and tangential cutting head, and robotic arms. These tools effectively help Ma.Ba.SAPERLab in meeting the multiple needs of designers, architects, design studios and public and/or private clients.