Francesco Fassi

ICAR/06 - Surveying and mapping

Fassi Francesco graduated in Engineering for Environment and Territory at Polytechnic of Milan in 2001. It got the Ph.D (awarded with honours) in Geodesy and Geomatics with a thesis entitled “Integration of traditional and innovative technologies for survey and modelling of cultural heritage.”

Since 2003, dedicated his research to survey techniques and methodologies in the field of Cultural Heritage. He has being involved in several survey research jobs acquiring great experience in the field of the “measure” and great sensitivity to the problems associated with the acquisition and processing of data for the expeditious but comprehensive survey of Cultural Heritage. Today senior researcher (Type RTDB) He is currently participating to the following projects:

  • Milan cathedral survey modelling and BIM design
  • The “SanMarco3D Project”
  • Survey of manufacturing and hand-made structures came to the light during the excavations of underground Naples.
  • O.A.S.I.S. Project (Old Agricultural Sites and Irrigation Systems)
  • LiFE project

Member of ICOMOS Italia.
He has more than 60 publications.