TAN – Textile Architecture Network

The Lab carries out research and development in the field of textile and polymeric materials, exploring their innovative use in architecture and construction. It has hardware and software equipment for the pre-competitive development of new textile and polymer products and for the provision of consultancy services to companies in the textile sector.
It shares its know-how with researchers of other departments, so creating the interdepartmental Textiles-Hub laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano.

Services offered

  • Uniaxial and biaxial mechanical characterisation of fabrics, nonwovens and fluoropolymer films, simulation of the mechanical, thermal, optical-light, acoustic and safety performances of architectural components and lightweight structures;
  • Prototyping of textile and/or polymer-based building components and design objects;
  • Study and validation of the integration of photovoltaic cells on flexible substrates such as membranes and fluoropolymers;
  • Rain noise simulation tests on lightweight metal/textile structures and ETFE air cushions.


The Lab features hardware and software equipment for investigating the resistance to mechanical stress of textile materials and polymer composites. It also has a pavilion (RainNoise Test Box) for rain simulation.