L@rs – Laboratory of Remote Sensing

The great challenge facing Italy is about reducing the negative effects produced by climate change, such as rise of desertification, reduction of agricultural yields, increasing pollution and energy requirements, global reduction of natural resources. All this upon a very fragile territory, characterized by high hydrogeological, volcanic and seismic risk.
Modern remote sensing for Earth observation technologies can make an important contribution to institutions in the study, analysis and management of these modifications and create new business opportunities for most dynamic companies.
The Remote Sensing Laboratory is an R&D, consulting and training facility operating in the field of remote sensing and geo-information. The main fields of application are environment and territory, energy, natural resources, security and space.

Services offered

The Remote Sensing Laboratory provides services and develops ad-hoc applications according to customer needs in all contexts where monitoring the natural and built environment is a key issue. The team includes expertise in the field of: satellite and aerial image analysis, integration of remote sensing parameters with multi-source data, study of land changes, modelling of environmental parameters, thematic cartography, geo-databases.
The typical customers are public administrations, institutions, space agencies, industry, consulting companies and research partners.


The Lab features hardware and software tools for processing and analysing remote sensing images and a UV-VIS-NIR spectral radiometer for laboratory reflectance measurements.