Indoor Quality Lab

The Lab collects, elaborates and disseminates environmental culture, with regard to issues of well-being, hygiene, health, safety and sustainability in the building sector. On these issues, the unit is engaged in assessing and certifying the environmental quality of building materials and products and in assessing and managing the quality of living and working environments, with reference both to specific aspects (microclimate, indoor air quality, etc.) and to aspects of interaction between user and environment (usability, enjoyment, etc.), according to an ergonomic vision of environmental quality.
The unit is also engaged in the research and development of multi-criteria systems for the environmental assessment of the built environment.

Services offered

  • Assessment of the environmental compatibility of materials, products and furniture and certification of Compliance with Environmental Compatibility Criteria (CCA);
  • Control and optimisation of well-being in terms of thermo-hygrometrics, acoustics, light and indoor air quality, and ergonomics for living and working environments;
  • Development/implementation of environmental assessment, management and certification systems for buildings;
  • Training courses on the areas handled by the unit.


The Lab features various tools to implement measures of thermo-hygrometric parameters, organic gases and compounds, electromagnetic fields and radon, in order to assess air quality and the healthiness of indoor environments.